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Bering 72

Bering 72


Bering 72 presents an advanced development of a very successful Bering 65 model. While creating Bering 72, the Bering Yachts' in-house design team has collected feedback from the owners and captains of the 65 model after the boats navigated more than 100,000 miles.

The Bering 72 is a true compact explorer yacht ideal for creating memorable moments at sea. This vessel measures 7 feet (2.13 meters) longer than her popular predecessor, the Bering 65. By extension, her owners are offered more flexibility than ever on accommodation configurations. Possibilities include three to five guest suites as well as professional yacht crew accommodations. This explorer yacht model incorporates excellent navigation with fantastic seakeeping capabilities for flawless ocean experiences.

The Bering 72's enhanced design and engineering incorporates over 10,000 nm of navigation and feedback by her predecessor's (the Bering 65) owners. The transom is nearly vertical with a large swimming platform, while her streamlined appearance is further developed with sleeker lines and large panoramic windows. In addition to maximized guest living spaces, the bow section's vertical portholes add a contemporary touch of the Bering 72.

*Prices depend on various factors including FX rates, shipping rates and supplier prices, particularly with the impacts of COVID. Accordingly, prices are subject to change and should be considered as estimates only.

Given that Bering 72 is a steel-hulled explorer yacht, the layout can be custom tailored for any client's needs.

Streamlined appearance is further developed with different bow and stern levels, some sharp lines in the aluminum superstructure, and large pilot deck panoramic windows

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